Rap Metal / Trap Metal / Nu Metal

Seattle, WA

The Unforgiven is Nivek and Randum45 a duo Rap Metal group from the Seattle which formed mid- May of 2019. These two bring a diverse and unique sound to the table from the powerful screams Nivek produces to the hypnotic singing of Randum45 and everything in between showcasing elements of rap and metal.

When listening to The Unforgiven you can expect a high level of energy behind every song they put out. The group have played with names such as The Dirtball (KMK) , Scythe Gang 666 , Twisted Insane , Lyte , DJ Clay , Big Hoodoo , Scum , Rehab , Hed PE as well as their first independent ran tour called The Into Hellfire Tour with Illtrix, Ohhdreamer, Salem Alumni and Ittsu. These two will do what it takes to climb the ladder to the top with hard work , dedication as well as the love and passion for music.

With 4 music videos and a full length album called 33 and singles in between expect more to come as you can find any and all music from The Unforgiven on all streaming platforms.