Babble the demon

HorrorCore, Rap, Trap-Metal, and RnB

Creator of DieSoul (HorrorCore Trap RnB)

Meztisa-American Singer, Song writer, Producer, and Artist from Austin, Texas. She is recognized for her large range in genre and style. Covering Trap-Metal, HorrorCore, Rap, and RnB. The combination of these birthed a new genre called DieSoul (HorrorCore Trap RnB) in 2021 The DieSoul EP was released under Infamous 6 Records but because of the unprofessionalism with in the label the record was then taken down on Babble The Demons behalf and each track was released individually as an independent artist.

Babble The Demon has gone on to Collab with several other artists and In 2022 The Demon EP was released with a 6 Track album consisting of Trap-Metal, HorrorCore, Rap, her signature DieSoul style, and a smoking song. Babble The Demon's next album is estimated to be released in 2023 along with a line of merch.